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All users have access to support tickets. Higher-level RiskView packages also come with access to live phone and email support.


Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough Videos


To ensure maximum return from your Meercat RiskView subscription, Meercat Services are designed to mitigate risk at every stage of your implementation; providing transparency and direct communication between software, the project team and the entirety of your company.

Our specialised process helps to ensure that every opportunity to improve your risk and assurance processes is maximised, while also allowing you the flexibility to keep a firm grasp on your implementation the whole time.

access our training videos here to guide you as you use Meercat RiskView

Training Courses

Meercat offers a three-day training course, covering the key modules of RiskView, for new skills or to refresh existing ones. Training courses will be announced through our newsletter, and on this page.


General Navigation

Bowtie Background

Bowtie Workflow

Searching, Viewing and Printing Bowties

Creating and Editing Bowties

Bowtie Analysis

Bowtie Settings and Customisation

Bowtie Reporting and Dashboards


Hazard Study Creation and Editing

Generating Assurance Activities

Creating Assurance Templates

Control Assurance Workflow

Control Assurance Background

Generating Bowties from Hazard Study Issues

Hazard Study Background

Hazard Study Workflow

Performing Control Assurance Inspections

Assurance Reporting and Dashboards


Administration Background

Administration Workflows

Perspectives and Dashboards

Register Management


Risk Matrix Settings

Bowtie Policies

Assurance Policies

Privacy & Hosting

At Meercat, we take privacy very seriously.

Our RiskView risk management software is cloud-based, so your data is available to you anywhere and anytime. We host your data for you using Amazon Web Services.

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